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                   Borealis the Boar is the Chief Architect, and also a member of the King's Council.  
                   He has a year named after him for his fine work in designing and building the castle. 
                   He likes to read in his spare time.  He also plays chess.  He is not married.

                   Cameron Centaur is the Shire Reeve (you and I would call him the Sheriff).  His
                   wife’s name is Carolyn.  They have two sons, Clayton and Curtis.  He is a member
                   of the King's Council.  In the end, he is knighted, and joins the Order of the Lark.

                   Corvallis Cardinal is the Cardinal Minister.  He conducts worship services in the
                   Coeur de Lion Chapel.  He is a member of the King's Council.  He is not married.
                   He is an avid collector of pine, fir, spruce, redwood, and cedar cones.

                   George is the son of King Herald and Queen Nellie.  When he was born, a troupe of  
                   fireflies did a dance outside his window.  He likes apricots.  He rides a bear carousel.

                   Livingstone Lion, also known as The Living Stone, sits outside the castle, at the top 
                   of the steps.  Some folks say he walks around the forest at night.  He teaches
                   the king how to rule his kingdom.  He also teaches the cardinal how to minister.

                   Mumford Mole is the castle gardener, and also a member of the King's Council. 
                   His wife, Martha, is the Royal Chef.  Sometimes he smokes a pipe when Martha is
                   not home.  In the end Mumford is knighted (his wife is "ladied" on her own merit),
                   and together they join the Order of the Lark.
                   Ockham Owl is the Ordinal Minister.  He is the keeper of the Several Rights.  His job
                   is to conduct the King’s Council meetings.  He is not married.

                   Satterwhite Squirrel is the captain of the King’s Retinue, and also a member of the   
                   KIng's Council.  It is his duty to protect the King when he is outside the castle.  
                   He and his wife Sylvia have one son, who is named Salisbury.

                   Wigglesworth Weasel is a member of the King's Council.  He is the Worm Warden
                   and also Titles Minister.  He gives himself the best title, Lord Furfolk.  He and his
                   wife Winifred don’t have any children, but he looks in on his nephew, Wesley, from
                   time to time.